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Pro-Israel Rally on Copley Square in Boston on Nov 20, 2012

by Alex Koifman and Louisa Gorbatov
On November 20, 2012 the Boston Jewish community stood up in action at the Pro-Israel Rally. Over 100 participants ranging from our community's youth to their grandparents assembled on Copley Square to counter a pro-Hamas rally. StandWithUs initiated the idea of an outdoor public rally and our gathering was organized only within a few hours by email, Facebook and telephone. After about a half hour at Copley we walked to the Israeli Consulate. We stood against a much larger crowd, actually a raging mob, primarily coming from nearby Northeastern University. (Read about Antisemitism at Northeastern University)

We had a great number of Israeli and American flags, and many signs: “Israel = Friend, Arab Terror = Enemy”, “Down with Terror”. We waved our flags and sang Hebrew songs. At one point, Charles Jacobs and Alex Koifman, were surrounded by a screaming pro-Hamas mob. I thought that this is what Gaza is like. Even in the USSR the mob did not express so much hate. I cannot even imagine the world if this ideology wins...Of course, it will not happen on our watch.

The Russian Jewish Community will continue to stand with Israel to help fight terrorism and stop rocket attacks from Gaza!

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