RJCF Annual Gala 2013
Let Our People Go
Voices of Gratitude

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RJCF Annual Gala 2013

With gratitude to those who helped us

Celebrating the Anniversary of "Let My People Go" Movement to Free the Soviet Jewry
The Gala was held on Sunday, April 28 at Lombardo's

Professor Elie Wiesel
accepts RJCF award

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The raised funds will be used to support local programs in Boston to preserve and enhance Jewish identity among Russian Jews, and to support Israel.
    Nearly 400 people gathered at the RJCF annual Gala 2013. This year’s event was in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the “Freedom Sunday” march, when 250,000 Americans marched on the National Mall in Washington D.C.
    This year’s event was attended by dozens of young Russian Jews, many of whom were either born in the States, or immigrated as toddlers, and had no knowledge of the massive movement that was responsible for their freedom. The theme of the Gala was chosen in part to educate them on their history and inspire them with this powerful example of Jewish unity.
    The RJCF would once again like to extend its gratitude to the American Jewish community for fighting for the freedom of Soviet Jewry because only free people can truly do Tikkun Olam. [Read More]

Keynote Speaker Jeff Jacoby, a prominent journalist and syndicated columnist

Photos from Gala 2013

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For the first time, an important element of Gala was an
essay writing competition,
"My Family Story,”
about coming to America.

The essays are published!
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