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* The Jewish Advocate: Russian community joins others with pro-Israel advertisements

* American Jewish Leaders: Stop the Rot Now

* Caroline Glick on Judea and Samaria

* Dennis Prager: The Middle East Problem - easy explanation

* Geert Wilders speech in Tel-Aviv, December 6th, 2010

* Israel on Campus, Where Are We? by Alexander Joffe

* When Hamas admits Israel is right By ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ

* Dovid Margolin: My two weeks in court with Sholom Rubashkin

* WSJ: Israel: A Normal Country

* Jewish Journal Boston North about RJCF Children of Sderot project

* Операция "Гаити": Возвращение израильских спасателей в Израиль

* Zman: Двойной стандарт западных СМИ, или Обыкновенный антисемитизм


* Boston Globe: In Sderot, a Newton North grad finds life returning to normal

* The Jewish Advocate: Russian Jewish Community Foundation Honors Hero Refusniks

* Boston Globe: Cry of liberty (RJCF honors Samoltchiki at the Charity Ball)

* Ex-President For Sale, by Alan M. Dershowitz (about Carter)

* Trauma: the unreported casualty of war

* Елена Боннэр: Об Израиле и мире

* Герои Израиля - история освобождения захваченного самолета в 1972

* Россия: Пятый пункт как брэнд

* Sderot (video)

* хатуль мад'ан - ученый кот (заметки алии)

* Rupert Murdoch: On Receiving AJC National Human Relations Award

* Boston Globe: by Greg Margolin - A voice from Boston, on the Israeli elections

* Ishmael Khaldi: a proud Israeli and a Muslim

* Страсти по Шагалу (Shagal's Passion) [video]

* JPost: 55% of Palestinians are convinced that terrorist acts should continue

* A letter to CNN from Moscow: your coverage of the Gaza conflict

* Natan Sharansky: Obama, West Can Help Gaza by Passing Up Hamas

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