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Math Program in Sderot Community Club

The Mathematics Program in the Sderot Community Club, under the leadership of Irina Khavinson of the Russian School of Mathematics, has grown. There are now four math groups.

Ceramics Program in Sderot Community Club

One of the exciting new programs, which is up and running in the Sderot Community Club, is the Ceramics Program devised and run under the leadership of a Boston ceramics artist, Sasha Raiz.
The ceramics process for making, a vase, for example, involves making the vase, drying it, and then putting it through the first firing, called the bisque firing. Then one glazes their vase, and it is put through the second firing, called the glaze firing. The object is ready after the glaze firing.

Grand Opening of Sderot Community Club

The Jewish community of Boston has been active in supporting children of Sderot for a number of years. Last year, the RJCF decided to enlarge our programs to include adults. The programs are designed to help adults cope with stress, depression, loneliness, and to provide a means for enlightening entertainment and personal growth. The Sderot Community Club is a joint venture project of the RJCF, and Israeli partner, Aid for Residents of Sderot and Gaza Region, and the municipality of Sderot.

In just one year we have made an important journey; from dream to reality. We are happy to report that the Sderot Community Club opened its doors on October 13, 2009.
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