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Thank you all for your overwhelming response to the situation in Sderot.

Dear Community,

As you know, over the last few days Israel has been in the midst of a conflict with Gaza.

Thousands of missiles were fired into Israel, forcing many residents of southern Israel to flee.
In response to the current situation in Israel, we, the Community, has raised over $30,000 in only a few days. This unbelievable support has allowed us to take 50 kids out of Sderot and bring them to a kibbutz near Haifa. With your help, children had an opportunity to take their minds off of recent events. They didn't have to run for a bomb shelter within 15 seconds of the rocket alert and instead visited the zoo, the movies, the science museum.

We cannot stop the rockets falling on Israel, but we can make the lives of children of Sderot a bit more normal.

We all understand that unfortunately, the rockets will not stop falling on Sderot overnight. They were falling for 11 years now and until something is drastically changed, people in Sderot area, and especially children, will continue to suffer. However, WE CAN make their life a bit more normal.

It's important to continue our support for these children. They need our moral support and our financial support.

Thank you for your immense effort, energy, and generosity over the last few days. The children know that you as a community immediately came to their aid, and perhaps that is more important than anything.

Please help to spread the word about this effort. The more people who know about the situation, the better for the children of Sderot.

Nov 22 2012 - 05:42 RJCF News Archive
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