RJCF - Russian Jewish Community Foundation

RJCF Grants in 2013

Programs in Israel

A scholarship for three former IDF combat soldiers, who otherwise cannot afford a higher education.
       RJCF participates in the Friends Of Israel Defence Forces project; its motto: "Their job is to look after Israel. Ours is to look after them."
       Please read the letters from our soldiers!

        Matched by Zionist House

Sponsoring and organizing an annual Boston-Sderot Summer Camp for 60 children of Sderot helped by 10 concelors from Boston. Learn more about this project on the Sderot Journal page .

Sponsoring a Monument at the very heart of Jerusalem - to commemorate Mordehai Libkin and all victims of terror.

Programs in the Greater Boston Area

Center Makor - “Celebrate Jewish Life” to create through series of different cultural events related to Jewish Holydays a strong feeling of belonging to Jewish community, culture and cultural heritage among Russian Jews, importance of continuation of this legacy; to open possibilities for interaction between Russian, American and Israeli parts of the Jewish community, build understanding of importance and true meaning of “Klal Isroel”.

Shaloh House - Passover is one of the most meaningful and significant holidays. The Shaloh House Russian Jewish Center provides a memorable Passover experience that is spiritually uplifting as well as educational.

Jewish Community Housing for Elderly - to support its CaringChoices™ program. CaringChoices is vital to enabling over 700 Russian seniors to remain in independent housing even as they face the challenges of aging. CaringChoices offers its tenants in-home personal and homemaking services; hot, nutritious kosher meals; case management; and medical escort services.

Aleph Club - library - for series of lectures and seminars on Jewish culture and history

Firelech - to make a full production of “Fiddler on the Roof” and to continue an outreach programs performing in Jewish adult centers and Jewish Schools connecting all ages and bridging the gap between generations and teaching our youth.

Chaverim - to support a choir that serves as an important instrument spreading and preserving Jewish cultural heritage, performing in Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Russian languages.