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Report from Israel: quick update (Nov 18th, 2012)

Dear members of our community,

I would like to briefly update you all on the status of our children in Sderot.

This morning Sveta picked up 50 kids and 4 adults from Sderot and drove them North. They stopped in Jerusalem this afternoon and got to Haifa in the evening. Accommodations have been set up for them on a Kibbutz near Kiryat Ata, a couple kilometers outside central Haifa. At this point, they will be staying there until Tuesday.

I will be meeting with them tomorrow while they tour Haifa including a stop at a museum, the zoo and a movie in the evening.

I hope you all understand the magnitude of your efforts back in the States. The current situation is the worst that the Sderot has seen in 11 years. With over 1,000 rockets fired since last Wednesday, the kids are in bad shape.

The money you have raised since the start of Pillar of Defense will allow them to get a full night's sleep, some fun, distraction, and respite from a horrible reality.

Unfortunately, the conflict may not be over by Tuesday. We need to plan for the coming days and weeks. Depending on how defending our country goes, the kids may be up here for a while.
I'm proud to be a member of our community - let's keep it up!

Rostic Gorbatov
Nov 18 2012 - 17:59 RJCF News Archive
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