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Urgent help needed to move Sderot children away from rockets to Haifa

by Masha Rifkin (a letter to her friends on Nov 17th, 2012)

Dear friends, old and new,

I'm writing to ask for your help. As some of you know, I became involved with Sderot, Israel five years ago. At the time, Sderot had been suffering under seven years of thousands of missile bombardments. The majority of the residents and children suffered from fairly severe PTSD, and most of the children were developmentally delayed as school had to be so frequently cancelled. I and my community (under the heading Russian Jewish Community Foundation), raised funds to create an after school in Sderot to accelerate the education of the students there, as well as an annual summer camp to foster a sense of community. Both programs continue today.

Right now, our kids are in an emergency situation. The woman who helps run the program in Sderot, Sveta, just called and said that this has been the worst Sderot has seen in 11 years. The problem is that, while many of Sderot's residents escaped to the North, our kids and their families have nowhere to go. As many of them are immigrants, most of their family lives in Sderot, or elsewhere in the south which is equally bad.

Sveta has remarkably managed to find a facility in Haifa to house the kids for three days starting tomorrow, as well as a bus to get them there. There isn't enough room in the bus for their parents.

We need your help. The kids need to be fed, at the very least, for these three days. Hopefully, we might even be able to raise the funds for another bus to allow their parents to join them. And, if the conflict lasts longer, we might be able to house them for longer. Please give whatever you can, any amount will be appreciated. You can donate through my community's website, and ALL of the funds go DIRECTLY to them, we have no administrative costs whatsoever: [ http://rjcf.com/donate.html?name=Emergency]

This is urgent. Please lend a hand.

Thank you,
~ Masha
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