RJCF - Russian Jewish Community Foundation

RJCF Grants 2008-2009

In June 2008, RJCF Board sent checks to all 2008 Grant Recepients. Here is a description of where the money went.

Programs in Israel:

Friends of IDF: "IMPACT" program (Education for three IDF combat soldiers) [IDF stands for Israel Defense Force]

        Matched by Zionist House

Helping Children of Sderot Fund (watch video about Sderot. Read RJCF Sderot Journal and Sderot Fund report)

Programs in Boston Area:

Jewish Educational and Cultural Center "Makor"

Radio "Jewish Voice" (Dr. P. Polonsky answers questions about Judaism every Monday at 7:40am on 1470 AM radio station) [Please listen it online]

Shaloh House (for Pesach celebration in 2009)

Jewish Community Housing for Elderly - JCHE (for Russian-English Interpreter)

Aleph Club - library (for series of lectures and seminars on Jewish culture and history)

BosFilm for the projects "Yiddish and Jewish" and "We love Israel")