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RJCF essay writing contest: "My Family Story"

The stories are published!

RJCF is excited to announce collaboration with HIAS in conducting an essay contest, "My Family Story.” Several years ago, HIAS started a national project to collect stories from Soviet Jews. HIAS’ website now contains thousands of stories with contributors including the talented singer, Regina Spektor and award-winning author, Gary Shteyngard. You can read these stories at mystory.hias.org. Now, you can be part of this historic project by submitting your own family story to RJCF!

The contest is divided into two groups: 7-8th and 9-12th grade students. We are asking students to write about their family’s immigration experience. Tell us your family’s story in your own words – not by reciting chronological details, but by expressing personal observations, your experiences, funny or sad episodes, your feelings or anything else that matters to you.

1st and 2nd place winners in each group will receive cash prize and a recognition award presented by HIAS Communication Director Marina Belotserkovsky at the RJCF Annual Gala on April 28, 2013. Winning stories will be published in the 2013 Gala Tribute Book.

The 1st Place winners will be awarded $150 and the 2nd Place: $50.

All stories submitted to RJCF as part of the “My Family Story” competition will be posted on the HIAS website, mystory.hias.org, and published on www.RJCF.com website.
Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

Submit your essay to MyFamilyStory@RJCF.com


Writing Contest Rules

* In 1,500 words or less, please tell us (in English) the story of your family coming to America. 

Topics can include:
- The story of how your family came to America.
- The story of the events that occurred when leaving Russia
- The Story of the hardships/ transition into American Society
- Was there anyone who helped your family along the way or in the USA?

* Two winners in each age group will be selected by a panel of distinguished judges based on originality, content, creativity, effort, and writing style.

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